Yonkers Raises $200K On eBay

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Yonkers has raised $200,000 hawking surplus goods in a city-run eBay sale over the past six months, officials said Thursday. Photo Credit: Flickr user liewcf

YONKERS, N.Y. - It won’t balance Yonkers’ budget but it’s not a bad start.

The city-run eBay store, YonkersCARStore.com, has generated $200,000 in revenue since it was launched in July, Mayor Mike Spano announced Thursday.

The city has sold all sorts of surplus goods on the site, including the former Getty Square clock (which sold for $2,000) and a gently used snow remover (bought for $85,000).

“This simple method of generating revenue for the city has become an accessible way of turning years of excessive spending into significant savings for taxpayers,” Spano said. “As seen with the money raised to date, our ‘tag sale’ has proved to be very successful and in turn, will benefit our taxpayers.”

The site was launched in the hopes of raising a little extra money for the cash-strapped city. Since then Yonkers has unloaded 38 vehicles, including a 2008 Lincoln Navigator seized in a drug case and then used by the Police Department.

Spano’s office said the city has sold 20 other items that were no longer needed, ranging from fire hydrants and laptops to cameras or traffic lights. 

On Thursday, the city launched round three of its eBay sale, posting yet another set of surplus items to the online store. Shoppers will have 10 days to bid on the sale items that include a 1995 Nissan Maxima and 2001 Chrysler Sebring.

The plan is all part of Spano’s Comprehensive Asset Reduction Schedule (CARS), which evaluates city resources and expenses in order to reduce city spending, officials said.   

For more information about the mayor’s CARS auction, visit the city website.

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