Poll: Do You Like The Proposed Tappan Zee Bridge?

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This is the chosen design for the new Tappan Zee Bridge which will cost about $3.142 billion.
This is the chosen design for the new Tappan Zee Bridge which will cost about $3.142 billion. Photo Credit: New York State

TARRYTOWN, N.Y. – What do you think of the design for the new Tappan Zee Bridge ?


What's Your Opinion On The New Tappan Zee Bridge Design?

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What's Your Opinion On The New Tappan Zee Bridge Design?

  • It looks a beautiful landmark.

  • It looks like the Honda logo.

  • It looks like the bridge we can afford.

  • It looks like a toll increase.

  • It looks like a pair of tuning forks.

  • It looks like a pair of chopsticks.

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On Monday, the New York State Thruway Authority voted to build a $3.1 billion bridge, and readers have taken to Facebook to comment on the proposed bridge design.

Some readers think the new bridge will be a beautiful addition to the Hudson River landscape, while others feel the design could have been better.

Numerous other readers have pointed out that the new bridge looks very similar to a number of everyday objects, such as tuning forks or the Honda logo.

Tell us what you think of the proposed bridge in our poll and in the comments below.

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Comments (10)

Just build it and stop talking about it. Look how long it took to complete the WTC, wait it isn't even done yet.

Agree Honda corporation should make a contribution for the free advertising! Disappointed that mass transit (train) remains undone...so much for planning for the future. And can someone explain how this isn't going to add to traffic congestion with only three traffic lanes in each span (my understanding is 4th is for emergency breakdown/pedestrian) while now we move the barricade to have four lanes in the high rush direction?

Does it have bicycle access?
Does it have pedestrian access?
These are VERY important to have.

I agree with your questions. I would also ask it first before I answer the poll. Those bridge stone are that they propose must have lanes for bicycles and pedestrians also.

GG, It is a bridge for VEHICLES, not pedestrians. We have enough people jumping off the bridge now and you want to add pedestrian traffic?

first of all francis, you are wrong, this bridge does have pedestrian access. second of all, this draconian thinking that somehow not having pedestrian access will stop crazy people from jumping off bridges is arbitrary (and just plain stupid) whats your stance on the earth being round? you still fighting that one too?

Yes, there will be a bicycle path/pedestrian walkway on the north span.

I hope the new one will stay up longer than the present one, the Brooklyn Bridge has been standing for over 129 years yet the TPZ is falling down after 57? What did the Roebling family know that the builders of the TPZ did not?

The Brooklyn Bridge is set on bedrock on one side and firm ground on the other. The Tappan Zee bridge is supported to a large degree by buoyancy, making it expensive to maintain. Capacity was added to crossing the East River by building more bridges when the Great East River bridge proved insufficient.

It is of interest that the specifications for the wire in the cables of the Brooklyn Bridge were more demanding than necessary. That conservatism paid off when it was found that the supplier of the wire to the project cheated on the testing of his wire.

You can't buy advertising like this! What's the name going to be, The Honda Zee Bridge?