Yonkers Man Caught With 800 Grams Of Cocaine In Vehicle, Police Say

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Louis Crespo, 30, was arrested after police reportedly find three pounds of marihuana and 800 grams of cocaine. Photo Credit: New York State Police
Michael Figueroa, 28, was arrested after police reportedly find three pounds of marihuana and 800 grams of cocaine. Photo Credit: New York State Police

YONKERS, N.Y. -- Yonkers resident Louis Crespo, 30, and Michael Figueroa, 28, of the Bronx, were arrested after police reportedly found three pounds of marijuana and 800 grams of cocaine in their vehicle, officials said. 

State police stopped the vehicle for allegedly traveling more than 75 miles per hour on the Sprain Brook Parkway in Greenburgh. Subsequent to further investigation, a K-9 unit was called in and alerted police to drugs within the vehicle, the release said. 

After impounding the vehicle and obtaining a search warrant, the drugs were discovered in two hidden compartments located at the rear passenger and drivers side panels, according to police. 

The two men have been charged with first-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and second-degree criminal possession of marihuana, both felonies.

They are being held at Westchester County Jail without bail, police said.

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Comments (6)


"Michael, we just blew by a cop at 75 MPH and I see in the rear view mirror that he's pulling off from the curb to get us. Open the window and toss the drugs."

"OK, Lewis."

Oops. I guess this conversation never happened.


@ ruby.. When the cops are on a pursuit of a suspicious vehicle they are on high alert and would notice if you even threw a cigarette out of the window, let alone a few pounds of weed and 800 grams of coke. And even if they did have a chance to fling it out, do you actually think all's well cause you don't have it in your car? As long as the cops see's you do it, you're busted, in addition...every cop car has a dash cam. A word to live by...when transporting anything illegal make sure it's out of sight of the cops, make sure your license and paper work for the vehicle is correct and everything matches up. Make sure you're not smoking the product while driving, cause the cops sniff around like Bassett hounds trying to catch you doing something against the law. This is their job, and what they get paid for. They are trained for situations like this, they can tell when you're nervous and edgy. What they should have done once they sped by the cop was snort up as much of the coke as their nose could suck up so at least they'd go to WCJ with a good buzz. Once you see those red lights flashing behind you...you're f--ked!


The drugs were in an inaccessible panel within the car. They weren't readily accessible. So they couldn't have thrown them out the car window anyway. And even if they could, dumping three pounds of marijuana out the window? I think the officer might've noticed that.


They fail to mention how genius lou was driving with a suspended license.


As I have heard police officers say, "The stupidity of lawbreakers makes our job a lot easier."

If someone has THREE POUNDS of marijuana and 800 GRAMS of cocaine in their car wouldn't you expect them to be careful NOT to speed? Hello?

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