Yonkers Man, 45, Shot, Killed In The Bronx

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YONKERS, N.Y. – A Yonkers man was shot and killed on the streets of the Bronx Wednesday, News 12 reported.

Lamont Smith, 45, was killed around 9 a.m. on Schieffelin Avenue and 229th Street, the report said. Police said a suspect jumped out of a U-Haul truck and fired two shots at Smith. One of the shots struck him in the head and killed him. The suspect then got back into the U-Haul, but returned to Smith and shot him a few more times before fleeing the scene, News 12 reported.

A suspect – whose identity has not been released – is in custody, according to the report.

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Comments (2)

Time is running out to " BAN GUNS" that is causing all the killings. If the entire citizens in this country take guns there is no need of police, or military. In this cyberage American politicians who are promoting guns have to rethink to ban guns. There are three things that has to be banned in this civilized world: first Guns, then Drugs, and the third unauthorized Sex, then only our country will be saved.

Shooting right in front of a school at 9am in the morning! Very poor judgement for the Perp. Hope he is brought to justice... Condolences for the family of the victim.