Three Shot, Including Child, Outside Yonkers Pizzeria

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The corner of Palisade Avenue and Elm Street in Yonkers where three people, including a child, were shot Friday night.
The corner of Palisade Avenue and Elm Street in Yonkers where three people, including a child, were shot Friday night. Photo Credit: Google Maps

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YONKERS, N.Y. -- Three people were shot outside a pizzeria located at 45 Palisade Ave. at the intersection of Elm Street in Yonkers at approximately 6:02 p.m. Friday, Yonkers Police said.

A 9-year-old girl, also from Yonkers, suffered an apparent gunshot wound to her chest area and remains in critical condition at a local trauma center, police said.

A 31-year-old female Yonkers resident sustained a gunshot wound to her arm. She was subsequently treated and released at a local hospital.

A third victim, a 28-year-old Yonkers male, suffered a gunshot wound to his leg and is in stable condition at a local hospital, police said.

Yonkers detectives are actively investigating this incident and  are following up on several leads.  Anyone who has any information should call the Detective Division at 914-377-7724. All calls will remain confidential. Anonymous tips can also be sent to the YPD by texting the key word YPD plus the tip to 847411.

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Comments (8)

I have never seen soooooo many shootings and stabbing in a single month. all involving Elm st. we need 24hr police watch on our streets. a police command center should be placed on ELM ST. immediately. police watch towers should be placed on elm and palisade ave, elm and nepperhan ave and Elm and Oak st. 24hr surveillance is absolutely IMPERATIVE. Something is not right on our streets and innocent bystanders are paying the ultimate price when police stand back and "Let the Animals wipe themselves out." Please Yonkers Police Dept think of our children that are constantly caught in the cross fire.

The best deterrent to such violent criminal acts is, terminating the perpetrators. When they're dead, they have been deterred from commiting any more violent criminal acts.

There are already many laws in the books that address the control and sale of guns and ammo. You can close your eyes, click your heels and wish all you want for guns to go away - it does not solve the problem. Parents need to take responsibility for the kids they bear, schools need to actually educate them, politicians need to encourage businesses to stay in NY creating jobs. When an economy is vibrant and people are directed toward more positive and productive activities, crime goes down. And YES, Stop and Frisk saves lives. Those guns, and many other deadly weapons, are most likely illegally procured AND being carried illegally - duh.

I think we need stop and frisk in Yonkers...not to mention back in NYC!

The Gun Huggers are preventing any measures which would help reduce shooting incidents. Shameful!

New York already has some of the most restrictive laws regarding firearms. This shooting involves criminal activity. Hire some more cops and let them toss the mopes.

Elm Street is notorious for gun violence. Detectives should focus that are to prevent further gun violence in that area. Everybody knows that there are some local gangs in that area which is very close to the City Hall. Considering the importance of the City Hall police should patrol that area and deter these gangs from that area. Those who terrorize people with guns should be prosecuted. It is true that local government is helpless in this matter because there is no severe punishment for gun violence. Banning guns are the only solution that should be enforced by the State government, then only it could be stopped.