Con Man Posing As City Worker Rips Off Yonkers Woman

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Yonkers police say a man posing as a city water worker stole jewelry from an elderly woman this week. Photo Credit: Matt Bultman

YONKERS, N.Y. – A con man posing as a worker from the city’s water department ripped off an elderly Yonkers woman this week, police said.

Yonkers police said the man approached a Carpenter Avenue home Sunday and told the female resident he needed to test the water due to a water-main break.

After leading the elderly woman to the basement, he ran the water for 15 minutes, then asked her to hand over jewelry so it could be "tested," police said.

After the woman reluctantly handed over some jewelry, the man left the house, climbing into a pickup truck with two others, police said. No arrests have been made.

Police advise residents to call 377-7900 before letting anyone who says they are a city or utility worker into their home if the resident has any questions about the individual’s identity.

Fake city workers aren’t the only scammers targeting seniors in Yonkers. Earlier this week, police said they learned of a phone con targeting the elderly, in which calls are made from the ATI Group via phone number 800-207-5578. 

Victims are told they have won a free vacation worth a substantial amount of money and are told to write a check for an "invoice record." The caller then asks for the bank routing numbers at the bottom of the check.

Police ask residents to be aware of the potential scams and to alert family or neighbors - especially the elderly - to be on the lookout, as well.

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