60 Cars Vandalized In East Yonkers Overnight

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A map of the affected area.
A map of the affected area. Photo Credit: Screenshot

YONKERS, N.Y. -- Approximately 60 cars were vandalized in Yonkers in and around the area of Bronxville Road and Midland Avenue late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, according to police officials.

The affected area includes the East and West side of Midland Avenue between Georgia and Desmond Avenues. 

According to officials, passenger-side windows were shattered and some of damage occurred in interior garages of buildings. 

One vehicle was stolen and later recovered one block from where it was parked, according to officials.

Some valuables were left inside of the vehicles and initial investigations has revealed that the suspect, or suspects, were possibly looking for valet keys, according to officials.

Yonkers police officials are at the scene canvassing the area for video footage.

Additionally, extra patrols will be assigned to the affected area.  Vehicle owners are reminded to not keep keys or valuables inside of their vehicle.

Individuals with any information on the incident are asked to call the Detective Division at 914-377-7724.

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This has been ongoing in the Park Hill area for years. As well, drug dealing on lower Travis Ave in the wooded area... where are the PO LEECE? This beautiful residential area has been declining with foreclosures and infiltration from the Bronx. Yes, isn't it nice to afford a nice home? ONLY because the prices have met their bank accounts... how about respecting YOUR NEIGHBORS ONCE YOU HAVE MOVED IN? How about PARKING IN FRONT OF YOUR OWN HOUSE or USING YOUR DRIVEWAYS? Lazy people who make their own rules with a mentality they brought with them. THIS IS NOT THE BRONX! I have to pay taxes to see their unsightly property as well... one of the backyards is littered with every single cheap piece of crap for the kids to play on, shabbily put together jungle-jim, swings, deflated pool etc. strewn about covering the entire yard. Another home covered their leaky garage in a blue tarp which can be seen by the entire neighborhood. REALLY? IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO KEEP YOUR HOME AND YARD LOOKING DECENT... MOVE BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM. OH YEAH AND THE NOISE INCREASE from CAR DOOR SLAMMING! I never noticed it before. These people have NO COMMON SENSE. I can't afford to move if my house doesn't sell for what it's worth! I AM SICK AND FED UP WITH YO!