Yonkers Unfazed By Demise Of Comic Book Hero 'Archie'

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Crystal Conklin of Yonkers has worked at American Legends Baseball Memorabilia and Comics for five years.
Crystal Conklin of Yonkers has worked at American Legends Baseball Memorabilia and Comics for five years. Photo Credit: Suzanne Samin

YONKERS, N.Y. -- After 75 years of capturing the hearts and minds of comic book fans everywhere, the much-beloved comic book character Archie Andrews, known simply as "Archie," to many, is set to meet his untimely death in a July issue, Archie Comic Publications Inc. announced earlier this week.

A great number of people know and love Archie comics, which go back as far as 1939, but what many people don't know is that the headquarters of Archie Comic Publications Inc. is based nearby in Mamaroneck.

Jon Goldwater, Archie Comics publisher/co-chief executive officer said, "We're very proud of the story and of its genesis, right here in our office in Mamaroneck, where we've been situated for decades. This is, without a doubt, the biggest Archie story ever."

Goldwater said Archie's death would be heroic, just like his life. 

"Archie dies as he lived - heroically, and helping a dear friend. (...) In the flash forward 'Life With Archie' storyline, this seemed like a truly fitting way to conclude Archie's story," he said.

When asked about the comic character's upcoming demise, people out and about in Yonkers had mixed reactions.

"I never really read comics when I was kid, " said Francisco Herrera, an employee at Catania's Pizzeria, "So it doesn't mean much to me." 

Crystal Conklin of Yonkers, however, reads plenty of comic books. In fact, she's worked at American Legends Baseball Memorabilia and Comics for five years.

"If you want my personal opinion, they're definitely going to bring him back," she said. "This is just another way for them to make sales. He'll be back, one way or another. Either they'll make an alternate universe or a comic about what could have happened instead. Sales for that issue will go up, but anything after that will go back to normal." 

Conklin said while not a lot of people in Yonkers buy comic books anymore, they still get a good amount of visitors to the store. 

"We get a decent number of people that walk in, but most our customers are regulars," she said. "But nowadays you can find almost anything online." 

How do you feel about Archie's untimely death, Yonkers? Do you prefer to read print comic books? Join the conversation below.

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Comments (3)

like your avatar ignatz-is that one of Kolin Kelly's bricks that you're about to bop that dear kat on the bean with?

Could we be a little accurate? They are writing a story *about* his death that takes place in the future. Archie Comics and the character are still alive in the present, and aren't going anywhere.

its just another pathetic attempt to boost sales-like the Death Of Superman-(im one of the millions of readers holding on to the "limited platinum cover " edition of THAT comic in the deluded expectation that it will ever be worth anything some day)