Yonkers Shoppers Weigh In On Disappeared Malaysian Flight

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Sandra Byrne and Patricia Currence of Yonkers.
Sandra Byrne and Patricia Currence of Yonkers. Photo Credit: Suzanne Samin

YONKERS, N.Y. -- Shoppers at Yonkers Ridge Hill took a moment on Wednesday to weigh in on the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, which has been missing with hardly a trace for nearly two weeks.

Sandra Byrne of Yonkers said she thinks foul play was at work in the disappearance, and she believes the Malaysian government knows more about the crash than they've let on.

"This whole thing is a little scary," she said. "There's something they aren't telling us. It's all kind of weird. ... It had to have landed somewhere."

She said she felt it was strange that an airline with such a good reputation would have such a big accident, and that she believed the two passengers with reportedly stolen passports have something to do with it.

Her mother, Patricia Currence, said she is remaining optimistic.

"I hope the plane landed somewhere, and that all those people are still alive," she said.

Adela Gandeza, a shopper from Queens, said the whole situation was reminiscent of Air France Flight 447, which also went missing before its wreckage was found.

"At first I thought it was a hijacking, but the same thing happened when Air France went down. They've got a really big search area over the ocean, which is really going to complicate things," she said.

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