Yonkers Historical Society Announces 2014 Mangold Scholarships

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The historic Sherwood House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is owned and maintained by the Yonkers Historical Society. Photo Credit: Filed

YONKERS, N.Y. -- The Yonkers Historical Society has announced a deadline of March 31 for applications to the Patricia Mangold scholarship awards.

The Patricia Mangold Scholarship awards are to be presented to two high school seniors residing in Yonkers who have demonstrated both an educational and a significant personal interest in Yonkers history. 

Applicants for the scholarship from any high school may apply, but they must be planning to pursue further education.  First prize is $1,000, and second prize is $500.

Patricia Mangold, for whom the scholarship is named, was president of the historical society until her death in 1999.

Mary Hoar, president of the historical society, described Mangold as a "special person." 

"She loved Yonkers history, and she was Yonkers' greatest supporter. There wasn't a thing she wouldn't do to promote Yonkers - she loved it so much," she said.

Hoar continued, "She also was interested and invested in the future, so we decided what better way to honor her than to create a scholarship in her memory that would inspire the next generation to pursue their interest in Yonkers' history."

Applicants will be asked to present a project showing their understanding and appreciation for the history of Yonkers.  

The project may be in any medium, including written essay, photographic montage, video or mixed media.

"They have to produce something that reflects their knowledge and interest in the history of Yonkers," Hoar said, "(The history) is wonderful - it's quirky, it's interesting - it's just plain fun. We've had so many strange unusual unique things happen here. There's so much physical history too." 

According to Hoar, one of last year's winners made a painting of a historic site in Yonkers.

"The project's form is up to the creativity and imagination of the student," she said.

The awards will be presented at the Yonkers Historical Society’s Annual Meeting to be held Sunday, April 27 at the Grinton Will Library on 1500 Central Park Avenue.

Applications may be found at the Historical Society on 340 Tuckahoe Road, local high schools, or can be emailed upon request at 914-961-8940. 

Completed applications and projects are to be mailed to: 

Patricia Mangold Scholarship Awards
Mr. Darryl Mack, YHS Education Committee Chair
Enrico Fermi School
27 Poplar Street
Yonkers NY 10701

They can also be dropped off at the society's office on the lower level of Grinton Will Library.

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