Tentative Deal Reached For Medical Marijuana In NY

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – The state is getting closer to providing access to medical marijuana as Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other legislative leaders announced Thursday, June 19, they’ve come to an agreement on a pilot program to offer marijuana for medicinal purposes, according to The New York Times.

Cuomo and legislators have been in negotiations for days over a system that would provide legal medical access to marijuana, the report said.

Read the New York Times story here.

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Comments (10)

I'm betting my Assemblyman Katz voted yes....then sat back and listened to Sinatra ...strangers in the night....doobie doobie dooooo

Nice try attempting to marginalized someone, Pourman The most commonly studied ingredients in marijuana are THC and cannabidiol (CBD). Research has looked at these compounds both alone and in combination. Commercially available products include dronabinol (Marinol®), nabilone (Cesamet®), THC, and CBD (Sativex®). Yes THEY have benefits; smoking and or ingesting pot has many deleterious effects. This is not about helping people or health, it's about the government constructing yet another method whereby they can further tax and regulate.

Agree villager of course the government will step in and tax and regulate marijuana in any way they can, but if there are health benefits, which I believe have been proven there are, why not tax it and make it available to those in need? Is it any different than the Pharmaceutical industry pushing their agenda down our throats? I stand corrected if you agree there are medical and or any other benefits. Lets not even get started on the benefits of hemp and all that can come from it.

The further dumbing down of America. Medical marijuana is an oxymoron and a con If the active ingredient has any therapeutic value, which is arguably questionable, compound it and dispense in measured capsule form.

how is allowing someone dieing from Cancer or suffering from Multiple Sclerosis get therapeutic and curative treatment "Dumbing Down" America? How is allowing a DOCTOR make educated decisions about which treatments are right for you "dumbing down" America? Are you aware of the great successes that they have had in Colorado treating and curing cancer with the use of inhaled cannabis? are you aware that Cannabis does not cause Lung cancer or caused a single fatality in over 10,000 years of recorded human consumption? or do you just ignore those facts so reality fits in with your own ideology?

well said GreenburghDad

Really villager staments like that is what is dumbing dumbing down America. Questionable? Wake up, educate yourself before you perpetuate the same nonsense that has gone on far too long.

Sorry villager I didn't even address the benefits of CBD's which I commend you for even mentioning. You are obviously more aware than most.

Sorry villager I didn't even address the benefits of CBD's which I commend you for even mentioning. You are obviously more aware than most.