Obama Visit Unique, But Clinton Presence Is Recurring In Westchester

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Staffers at Lange's pose for a photo.
Staffers at Lange's pose for a photo. Photo Credit: Tom Auchterlonie
The exterior of Lange's in Chappaqua.
The exterior of Lange's in Chappaqua. Photo Credit: Tom Auchterlonie

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. -- While President Barack Obama's visit to Tarrytown on Wednesday for a speech near the Tappan Zee Bridge has served as a major news story, the local presence of one of his predecessors remains a point of interest near by in Chappaqua.

Richard Lange, owner of Lange's Little Store & Delicatessen, mentioned how often former President Bill Clinton visits, which can be as often as twice a week or once a month. He agreed when asked if it's a big deal on a typical basis.

Lange is supportive of the former president, saying he is the “best guy we ever had in office.” He also says that Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the next president.

The former first lady, senator and secretary of state has been reported in the press as a possible 2016 presidential candidate, although she has not made an announcement as to whether she will run.

Daniel Lopez, a Lange's staffer, gave his anecdote for Bill Clinton's visits as being once a month or every two months, although Hillary Clinton is not in as often. Lopez is supportive of her running for office.

Jen Cook, who owns Chappaqua Wellness Center, talked about how a lot people locally who have not met them get excited. 

She later added, "I think very highly of them, as I do a few other wonderful people from town."

Alissa Harvey, owner of stationery store The King's Scribe, recalled the Clintons visiting her store, with Bill Clinton being the more frequent of the two. She admits that she gets star struck when there is a visit. She also feels that they have been accommodating to people who want to see them.

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Comments (6)

These Democrat supporters in Westchester better wake up. Obama will take all their funding and give it to the inner cities. Remember, Democrats favor income equality! Watch the taxes in Westchester go higher and higher while the real estate values tank! Cuomo will make sure of it! How many more empty stores can Westchester tolerate? Oh, all those on Medicare, better buy their cemetary plots once they finally implement all the facets of Obama care!

Clinton is an embarrassment along with his wife. Cuomo speaks as if he isn't very bright. I won't be going to that Deli at all, and if the owner has views like that, he's delusional. An ex President who is a sexual predator, and a wife who cares more about political points than saving the lives of four Americans needs to go back into the hole they crawled out of.

These Clinton supporters obviously are not up on all the dirty news involving them! I would never patronize Lange's Deli again. Obviously, many in Chappaqua can be bought!

These guys are masters at diverting the American people, they got away with so much corruption and investigations, all while we were focused on his trip to Monica-ville.

His speech was embarrassing with jokes like, "this bridge is so old it should be collecting Medicare" and something like, "is so bad you can see the water below through the cracks". Where is the gravitas of the office. And do disrespect to old Italian woman, but Cuomo sounds just like one.

You're right.