Obama Calls For Infrastructure Funding In Tappan Zee Bridge Appearance

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President Obama delivering a 16-minute speech at Sunset Cove Restaurant at the Washington Irving Boat Club in Tarrytown Wednesday.
President Obama delivering a 16-minute speech at Sunset Cove Restaurant at the Washington Irving Boat Club in Tarrytown Wednesday. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore
Traffic conditions on the TZ Bridge during Obama's speech.
Traffic conditions on the TZ Bridge during Obama's speech. Photo Credit: NYSTA

TARRYTOWN, N.Y. -- Making his first public appearance in Westchester County since becoming president, Barack Obama used the backdrop of the Tappan Zee Bridge on Wednesday afternoon as a call for rebuilding the nation’s transportation infrastructure a national priority.

“First-class infrastructure attracts first-class jobs,” Obama said in an invitation-only event at the Washington Irving Boat Club.

Obama began a 16-minute speech that called for increased federal funding for infrastructure improvement by acknowledging the picturesque scenery.

“It turned out to be a beautiful day,” Obama said as he started his remarks. “This is a beautiful part of the world and I’m honored to be here.”

Obama cited the urgent need for the construction of a new bridge and the start of the project as a national model.

“Behind me is the old Tappan Zee Bridge, the longest bridge in New York,” Obama said. “At times you can see the river through the cracks of the pavement. Now, I’m not an engineer, but I figure that’s not good.”

Obama cited partisanship on the part of Republicans in Congress as a factor in delays in approving funding for improving the nation’s infrastructure.

“We don’t need a ‘Can’t do’ spirit, we need a ‘Can Do’ spirit,” Obama said. “We need Congress to work with us on these issues.
“I don’t want to rebuild one bridge, I want to rebuild every bridge,” Obama added.

Obama acknowledged Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and the Congressional delegation in attendance, but made no mention of either Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino or Rockland County Executive Ed Day, both Republicans, who were also in attendance. Astorino is challenging Cuomo in the fall gubernatorial election.

Chris Horton, a Mount Kisco native who lives in Peekskill, a project engineer for the New NY Bridge started the festivities by introducing Cuomo.

Traffic on the Tappan Zee Bridge was moving without delays during Obama's speech.

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Comments (8)

anyway we borrowed and spent $5,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo (that's FIVE TRILLION dollars) re-building IRAQ so why not spend a few billion re-building AMERICA ?

IF we didn't go looking for non-existant WMDs IN IRAQ, we could have re-build the post office and even our education system and paid-in-full for OBAMAcare AND GOT CHANGE BACK ! from that five TRILLION dollars we wasted over there (not to mention LOST young american lives)

HOW COME IT'S the longest bridge ? shouldn't an engineer see if the narrow part of the river should be where a new bridge is built ? WHO picks the most costliest distance to build over instead of being smart and finding an appropriate spot much less expensive ? ..............oh that's right, silly me, it's politicians that decide these things, NOT engineers and urban planners

Good question Frank. If the year is 1955 when the bridge was completed, that is. Are you suggesting that the new bridge should have been relocated? This would require rebuilding the entire highway infrastructure in Westchester and all the businesses that depend on it (not to mention Rockland County and NJ).

WHERE IS all the money that was collected for TOLLs over those years ?

HOW COME none of those receipts are available for the new bridge ?

Another dumb move by Obama not recognizing 2 county executives. He did recognize Como. So we had Obama and Como in the same place or should I say dumb and dumber. How much did this trip cost us tax payers mr president.

Bridge to renamed FoodStamp Overpass

Stop wasting taxpayer dollars on all your ineffective big government programs, on your ridiculous foreign aid, and all your worthless social programs, and there will be plenty of money to rebuild every bridge.

"...I want to rebuild every bridge." And I want every day to be Christmas. The juvvie president strikes again.