NY Times: Witnesses In Yonkers Corruption Case Face Charges

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Two witnesses in the corruption case against former Yonkers politicians Sandy Annabi and Zehy Jereis are now facing corruption charges of their own, which may lead to new trials for the convicted. Photo Credit: Flickr user srqpix

YONKERS, N.Y. -- Two Westchester businessmen who testified in the case that led to the corruption conviction of two Yonkers politicians, are now facing corruption charges of their own, according to the New York Times.

The charges may force a re-trial of the politicians, according to the article.

Franco and Antonio Milio, who testified as government witnesses in the corruption trial against Sandy Annabi and Zehy Jereis, allegedly bribed a municipal employee in Westchester County, according to the article.

The government only recently learned of the apparent bribe, the Times wrote.

Annabi, a former Democratic majority leader of the Yonkers City Council, was convicted in 2012 of accepting nearly $200,000 from Jereis, a former Yonkers Republican chairman, to drop her opposition against the Ridge Hill shopping center.

Both Annabi and Jereis's lawyers are reportedly requesting new trials.

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