Newspaper Rivalry Comes To A Head

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The newspaper racks in front of the Mount Kisco Coach Diner are at the center of the dispute between rivals newspapers The Examiner and Hudson Valley Reporter.
The newspaper racks in front of the Mount Kisco Coach Diner are at the center of the dispute between rivals newspapers The Examiner and Hudson Valley Reporter. Photo Credit: File photo

MOUNT KISCO, N.Y. – A distributor of the Hudson Valley Reporter was arrested on Friday morning after a rival newspaper said it caught him swapping out copies of the two publications.

Jim Palmer, the Mount Kisco village manager, confirmed that Michael Espinoza was arrested at approximately 6 a.m. and charged with criminal tampering.

Adam Stone, the publisher of The Examiner, said a private investigator hired by the newspaper saw the distributor removing newspapers from The Examiner's green display box outside of the Coach Diner in Mount Kisco and replacing them with copies of the Hudson Valley Reporter.

According to Stone, this has been an ongoing issue for several weeks. The problems have been so frequent that his company went so far as to obtain a restraining order against the Hudson Valley Reporter and publisher Faith Butcher to prevent interference with delivery, he said.

The court document orders Butcher and members of the Hudson Valley Reporter “to not interfere in any way with (The Examiner’s) green publication distribution boxes,” which includes adding or removing any papers from them. On Friday morning, Stone said, the private investigator filmed Espinoza doing just that, which helped lead to his arrest.

Butcher forwarded all inquiries to her lawyer, Raymond Cote, based in Carmel. Cote said it was too early in the process to comment on the ongoing investigations, adding that he hadn’t had time to meet with Espinoza.

Stone said he is also pursuing harassment charges against Butcher. Stone noted that this was not the first time the two had clashed.

“If we knew when it was happening and could send a private investigator at the right time, it clearly wasn’t an isolated incident,” he said. “This has been happening for the last three weeks.”

Stone added that this is not the type of behavior that  behooves a community journalist.

“Newspaper people are supposed to at least try to hold themselves to a higher standard,” he said. “To engage in such low-class behavior seems to contradict everything most people in local community journalism try to be about.”

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Comments (20)

Is it me, or has anyone else NEVER even heard of these two newspapers??

Thank you for your comments GreatForest. You did pick one issue out of many to which I replied and, surprisingly, I agree with your assessment; though I do question your figures. The creation of drug free zones has been implemented by the United States Congress and has supplemented the core offenses under the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. ' 841) with several additional offenses carrying increased maximum penalties, when the crimes are committed under certain specified circumstances. For example section 21 U.S.C. 860 provides that the penalties for manufacturing, distributing, and possessing with intent to distribute are doubled or tripled when the offense is committed within a specified distance of a school or other facility regularly used by children. The implementation for that use in a public arena such as a railroad station would be a state issue and New York does have laws which pertain to drug free zones.

The Safe and Drug-Free Schools & Communities Act’s (SDFSCA) purpose is to support programs that: (1) prevent violence in and around schools; (2) prevent the illegal use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs; (3) involve parents and communities; and, (4) are coordinated with related Federal, State, school, and community efforts and resources to foster a safe and drug-free learning environment that promotes student academic achievement. We don’t “house” children in the figures which you indicate, but those who would drag our children down to a level that would hinder their innocence and “catch” them in trades which as you indicate go back a long way in our history. The figures you mention pertain to many of those who violate these laws.

In your comment I believe you may be referring to marijuana use. However, I have seen firsthand what cocaine and crack cocaine can do to a child who may think it is a nice high to obtain for a single use; that is not the reality at all. It becomes a lifelong habit. My reference to making the train station a drug free zone was that it sets up a center for those who would want to hook our children on something which literally can destroy a child’s life forever, or for that matter, anyone’s life. I am sure you are not advocating that we lessen or limit the laws which put away drug dealers or drug manufacturers when they are, or have, twisted a generation of children to become dependent upon these hardened drugs and as a result have committed the most heinous of crimes in order to maintain those habits.

I respectfully disagree with your reference that I have a “draconian” approach to a very real problem. I also appreciate your portion of luck for my getting elected because of both the draconian comment and that I am a Republican. I won’t go into the problems which Washington is going through at the moment, save to say; there is blame enough for all!

Thank you.


in terms of your "Blame Game" on the Debt Ceiling, here's a little video of one of your hero's, I"m sure, that you will find very informative, that also exposes the Hypocrisy we are facing now by the GOP obstructionism. the Department of Justice should charge Boehner with Sedition. but please watch this video and rethink what your fellow party members are doing to this country and themselves right now, it's political suicide

yes, I am referring solely to Marijuana use. as it was what was mentioned in another comment here. I do not condone it's public use, but I"m afraid it's illegality has been used for the police to spend thier time busting people,for marijuana use, because it's an easy day for them, 4 hours of paperwork, they get held up on a pedestal of taking"dangerous drugs" off the street, and Marijuana users don't fight back like drunks or people doing other dangerous drugs and it is now known unconditionally, and unarguably that Marijuana is non-toxic and has even cured people of cancer, that's why the US government actually holds a patent on cannabis as a cancer curing and pain relief agent.

In terms of the blame game on the debt ceiling. lets be real here my friend. there are 22 republicans that want to pass a clean bill right now, the votes are there, it's the crazy's like Boehner, McConnel and Ryan. who just want the all or nothing approach. The reality is, the original budget first proposed is now 1/3 of what it actually is, because Democrats have already compromised. no more compromising, you guys already got enough cuts, and kept you multi-billion dollar corporate welfare programs for the most profitable company IN WORLD HISTORY (exxon Moblie) intact There is NO ONE else to blame right now except john boehner (for not bring the vote to the floor) and guys Like Ted cruz, McConnel and Ryan, who are just babies who lost and are losing this battle and want to now punish the American people for voting in someone they don't like. that's the reality and it's making your party look like a bunch of lunatic extremists. I have republicans in my neighborhood that are saying they will vote for Hilary Clinton for president. now that must be scary for the GOP

tax and regulate Marijuana for Adult consumption like alcohol. the laws, the way they are now, police are actually just protecting a black market for murderous drug kingpins and cartels to thrive. the biggest opposition to legalization comes from...... the drug cartels... take the market away from them and it will cripple the cartels overnight, marijuana is 60-70% of these criminals profits, and it will all but destroy them just as ending alcohol prohibition did to the mafia. and it will make it harder for kids to get, and create a thriving industry to create jobs. I do not condone legalizing drugs like meth or heroin that actually kill people. Marijuana has never killed a single human being in over 10,000 years of recorded human consumption. I will also note, I don't even Smoke Marijuana, but I've seen great the lives of , highly educated, contributing members of society, with beautiful wonderful families ruined by Marijuana PROHIBITION and it's a travesty. Lets not start making more zones where we end up putting more people in jail. i think something like a fine is more appropriate, and WE THE PEOPLE wouldn't have to pay 40,000$ a year to jail someone for smoking a relatively harmless plant, we pay 40,000$ a year to imprison someone and only 8,000 to educate each student. something horribly wrong there

What, my question wasn't good enough for you?

So, let me get this straight...There is quite possibly a newspaper employee going around stealing a competitor's papers in Mt. Kisco but Rob and Trish are angrily obsessing about a paper in Somers? Since Rob and Trish--let's call them the happy couple--are so fixated with The Somers Record, it is worth noting that not only has The Somers Record won multiple awards from the New York Press Association, but apparently its publisher has been honored by various community organizations.
See what a little research can do?
That said, I do not care about any of these papers or their publishers and until an hour ago I had no idea that the NY Press Association even existed. What bothers me is the constant stream of negativity on these internet comment sections. What gives?

Rob, not very constructive; language that belittles or vilifies others is usually prejudicial in and of itself. Though, if you do have a birdcage, why not use the paper for that purpose - look at the "green" benefit. When I was a kid and we had a cat there was no “cat litter” and we did use paper. So, here's hoping that you find some useful purpose for the paper. As to my liking, I enjoy all points of view, especially when they are contrary to my own; they give me pause to think that people are different and sometimes I actually am persuaded by what I would otherwise normally think of as an absurd point of view.

Hey Kilkenny. If elected Mayor, what would you do about the Metro North station? It is repulsive, always surrounded by illegals. Always smells like stale urine and cigarette smoke (sometimes pot). And about once every three weeks the commuters are treated to a pile of vomit on the stairs or in the overpass.

Good point about going green. I actually can think of a good use for their paper. I will bring it into the bathroom next time I run out of toilet paper. Appreciate the tip!

Actually, it is not true that you can unsubscribe to the Somers Record. I have tried numerous times by writing and calling and they still send me that rag. I wouldn't line my birdcage with it. Poor writing and very nasty staff. Particularly the Publisher Freeman. A real low life.

The Examiner is a good little paper. What I appreciate most is that they let me decide if I want it. It doesn't come to my mailbox unsolicited like The Somers Record, which not only gives me more paper I need to deal with but it has a clear political agenda.


My name is Patric Kilkenny and I am running as a write-in candidate for Mayor of Mount Kisco. The Office of the Mayor should be held by an individual who can actually bring solutions that will change the village for the better. This village needs a drastic new approach before it’s too late. If we do things the way that they’ve always been done, then things will remain the way that they always have been – logical, no? And that, at this point, means a continued decline not only in the quality of our lives, but the safety of our lives. The current Village Board [all Democrats] are trying to eliminate, disband, reorganize, use whatever phrase you want; the substitution of the Mount Kisco Police Department with the Westchester County Department of Public Safety.

Our police department has existed since 1877, when Ulysses S. Grant was President of the United States; and they have not only protected us, but they have integrated themselves as a vital part of our community. That’s right community – we are not New York City or Yonkers or another large municipality in which police officers are strangers – here, we know them, we say hello to them – we like them. This reorganization has gone on around the county for years, Putnam, Ossining and other communities have adopted this format and their citizens have not been satisfied and their crime statistics have risen. If you will elect me as your public servant, I will serve this village and the needs of its people. Those needs will change over time, but right now, as of today; the top priority is keeping our police force alive, well and in this Village. We can all work together on different issues which are important to each one of us; education and knowledge are the most precious and valuable resources a person can have.

We have one of the lowest paid departments in Westchester County and have forced upon our police an Arbitration Agreement which is unfair. The Village can spend money on new tennis court floors [$55,000.00], but cannot give uniform allowances to our officers.

I will continue to remind you of my candidacy and the need for other opinions other than those of one party. For now, remember to vote for Patric Kilkenny on Tuesday, November 5, 2013 and remember I am a write-in so it is important that you spell my name correctly – Patric Kilkenny – that’s right no “k” in Patric. When the ballots are ready I will post them on this website for all of you to see; approximately, October 30, 2013. I will also remind you of other issues which affect your lives and your pocketbooks on a continuing basis.

Thank you for your time.

This is exactly what the mentality of the current Village Board is; more and more and more spending of taxpayer money. Now the Village Board of Mount Kisco wants to spend $600,000.00 to buy more property. The Village is not, and should not be in the business of becoming the largest landowner in Mount Kisco and the exponential result of becoming the largest landlord of more properties; buying property when we can’t even pay our police officers a decent wage is horrific. The Village should be divesting itself of property and selling off all of its interests in land and real estate, not buying more buildings and other assets which the Village does not need, nor do its residents want. How much more money are we going to spend this year buying property?

We cannot afford to increase the size of our police department, that now has only limited patrols in the evening and not enough patrols to even conduct necessary police functions during the day; the Village hasn’t promoted anyone to police in chief in almost two years; it is time for the residents to say enough is enough!

Vote for Patric Kilkenny, a Republican, as a write-in candidate on November 5, 2013 and help to create a Mount Kisco Board that has its priorities straight.

Just to point out the obvious: I don't think you'll garner many votes from individuals named Kenny.

"Drug Free Zones" have done nothing to decrease drug use. all they have done nationwide, is increase our overcrowded prison populations to 22 million. up from 2 million in the 70's, most in prison for small time possession and non-violent crimes. we have a larger prison population that Russia, china and north korea combined. 25% of the worlds prison population and only 5% of the actual world population, so much for "Land of the free" we have become the incarceration nation, with "For Profit" prisons. The war on drugs is one of Americas biggest mistakes in history, and will be looked back upon in history just a bad as slavery. it has also has made drugs more potent and more available to kids, (drug dealers don't check ID's) your draconian approach has been informative and has let me know exactly who NOT to vote for, so thanks for that. also, running as a republican, doesn't give you much hope for getting elected, The GOP has some of the lowest approval ratings since FDR. good luck with that

Glad to know there's still a lot of excitement about print media in our area.

“Newspaper people are supposed to at least try to hold themselves to a higher standard,” YEAH RIGHT! The only thing that drives "newspaper people" is putting dramatic spins on otherwise boring events in a effort to boost publication! Hence the term "Power of the Press".

This is sad. People pick up all the newspapers everywhere. No when gains by trying to remove another's publication. Very immature.