Gun Control Rally, Vigil Sunday In Dobbs Ferry

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DOBBS FERRY, N.Y. – Organizers are planning a candlelight vigil and march Sunday in Dobbs Ferry in support of gun control.

The “Not One Child More” March will begin at 8 p.m. at the Waterfront Park in Dobbs Ferry, said Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner.

The march will be a call to elected officials for gun control after the shooting at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Conn.; 26 people died at the school when a gunman, widely reported as 20-year-old Newtown resident Adam Lanza, opened fire on Friday morning.

Victims of the attack range in age from 6 to 56, including 12 girls, eight boys and six women.

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Comments (11)

Unbelievable- a rally calling for gun control, but not control of the sick people who use them? What idiots. It's not the guns jackwagons.

Bad positioning of this "rally", Finer.

Have a vigil for the children and families. A memorial. A time to mourn.

Not a "rally" for gun control. It's not the time. Families are still grieving. The nation is still in shock.

You just lost my faith in you and my vote.

This is not about gun control you idiots!

Why are you calling people idiots? *sigh

We want to reiterate the peaceful nature of tonight's vigil/march in support of the families whose loved ones fell victim to the tragic shootings in Newtown. We come together in grief and in hope for a safer society for all our children.

We ask that participants bring their own lights to shine tonight and strongly encourage flashlights in favor of candles as flashlights pose less hazard and cannot be dampened by the predicted rain.

Please join us at 8 pm tonight at Waterfront Park in Dobbs Ferry.

Thanks again for your support.
Jean Lucasey and Gabrielle Mason

the news cycle.

Newtown, tragedy, gun control, Feiner
Newtown, tragedy, Feiner
Newtown, Feiner

Unreal Mr. feiner !

A day before this terrible tragedy a man in China slashed 22 children in school. Should we add knives to this vigil?

This incident is not about gun control. Its about mental health.

How about in remembrance of these poor children and the lives lost instead of pushing a political agenda. No thanks, I will attend the vigil in Yonkers instead who have chosen to not make this tragedy a time to promote their political beliefs....Shame on you!

I'm with you westchestergal. Feiner has no shame. None at all. He has used this tragic horrible event and social media to promote himself and has gone so far to piggyback on a well intended vigil and STRETCH it into conversation about a gun show to be held at the County Center all outraged by this event blah, blah, blah. psssshhh. 2 days ago this show wasn't even on his radar. He has no shame at all. He's been a very busy man since the shooting as is evident by his numerous FB posts, his blog and calls to the press. There are no words. He knows no boundaries.