Fatal Crash At Yonkers Carnival Ruled Accidental

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Yonkers police have said they will not press criminal charges against the woman who drove a Jeep that hit and killed a teenage girl in October.
Yonkers police have said they will not press criminal charges against the woman who drove a Jeep that hit and killed a teenage girl in October. Photo Credit: File

YONKERS, N.Y. -- The woman who was driving a Jeep that killed a 15-year-old girl and severely injured her sister outside a Yonkers carnival has been cleared of any wrongdoing, according to LoHud.com. 

Police said no charges would be brought against Roseanne Piccirilli, 55, after her vehicle hit and killed Kalie Gill and injured her sister Lindsey Gill in October. After months of investigation, authorities have said mechanical failure is to blame for the tragedy, LoHud.com reported. 

Reports describing the malfunction have not been released, but authorities earlier mentioned a brake malfunction in Piccirilli's Jeep, LoHud.com said. 

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Comments (2)

Toyota and Lexus vehicles...especially the Toyota Camry...have taken the lead in terms of sudden unintended acceleration-related crashes, particularly storefront crashes. Toyota vehicles have been found to have electronic glitches in the throttle system software (see Michael Barr's finding at embedded gurus dot com) which can result in a full-throttle condition with an ineffective fail-safe. This is a serious state which can lead to fatality or significant injury. A Toyota owner recently won a big court case (Bookout V. Toyota) against Toyota which involved death and injury to the Toyota Camry occupants.

In addition, Dr. Antony Anderson has analyzed the crash of a 2012 Toyota Highlander into a house. He has compared the recordings of the EDR (black box) with the video footage caught in the home security system. Dr. Anderson found discrepancies between the two. He found inaccurate recording of the EDR. This is significant because often the driver of the vehicle which has crashed into a building or storefront is INCRIMINATED based on the EDR alone. The driver is often braking at the time of the SUA initiation, but Toyota claims he/she is not doing so based in the EDR. In some cases prison time has resulted because the EDR results are accepted over the vehicle driver's sworn statement. Toyota owners BEWARE of Toyota's lack of support after an SUA event!

Sudden unintended acceleration is NOT a problem related only to the elderly or women; it is not a driver error problem; it is not a simple stuck accelerator pedal or drifting floor mat issue. This is a DEADLY issue which the automakers, NHTSA, or the Department of Justice (I.e. Toyota's criminal investigation) have not properly addressed. In fact, there is strong DENIAL that the problem exists at all. Yet...the crashes continue at an alarming rate now.

Barriers placed in front of storefronts is a noble gesture. However, this is just a treat-the-symptom maneuver. The CAUSE must be recognized and fully addressed instead of being ignored.

Character assassination has no place in this horrific vehicle incident. There has been no proof brought forth that the woman driving the Jeep, Roseanne Piccirilli, did anything wrong. Someone suggests she had her foot on the wrong pedal based on what evidence? Her statements clearly contradict this assessment. The physics of the crash contradict this conclusion as well. Who would she hit all these vehicles and pedestrians and then keep their foot on the accelerator IF that assessment was true? It is totally illogical.

Listen to the driver. She knows what happened. Guess Chrysler can't have her reputation smeared because her reputation is unblemished. The investigators should have had experts examine the electronics in the throttle control system. Like in the Toyota ETCS-i software, glitches are possible that can cause sudden unintended acceleration with an ineffective fail-safe. This means the vehicle may be runaway without an effective means to stop it. Stricter safety standards, such as those adhered to by the airline industry, need to be imposed on the automotive industry to ensure this deadly situation does not occur.