Concerned Yonkers Residents Create Cat Protection Council

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YONKERS, N.Y. – A new council formed by concerned citizens will address animal cruelty throughout Westchester County.

The Cat Protection Council of Westchester intends to work with the SPCA of Westchester as well as humane and law enforcement agencies to assist in gathering information related to crimes against cats, according to a press release.

It also hopes to educate people throughout the county about the benefits of spraying and neutering cats. The organization plans to assist in the development of low-cost or free spraying and neutering programs.

The 12-member council formed as a response to an unsolved case in which slain cats were discovered strung from trees in Yonkers. The group wants to organize a clean up and restoration of this site and establish a memorial there.

“We will not let this case go cold,” said Kiley Blackman, council spokesperson, in a press release. “We expect it to be solved. This is a disgrace for Yonkers and is the second incident of a similar nature here, where several cats previously were poisoned prior to this one, which makes a total of almost 35 animals. The savage, alarming murder of those helpless little innocents and the numbers involved showed that special attention had to be paid on their behalf.

“Yonkers must not allow the world to think animal cruelty is tolerated here. Cats unfortunately are still some of the most misunderstood and ignored of the group considered companion animals.”

The council has met with SPCA management, law enforcement representatives, and members of the Yonkers City Council, which promised a budgetary allotment of $15,000 toward a trap, neuter and release program, according to a press release.

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Comments (5)

This is a first step toward some progress with hoping to solve this heinous crime. I'm also happy to read that there will also be funding toward spay/neuter programs. Cat overpopulation is a crisis in most cities. I do think way more funding is necessary, but it's a good start for now. The murder of these innocent creatures cannot go unpunished.

Why should the solution to the feral cat population be euthanization? These animals have a right to live and should be left in peace. It seems that it is becoming increasingly evident that when a particular species or population is deemed a "nuisance" or "inconvenient", the solution becomes killing, culling, euthanizing, etc. I don't feel that we have the right to make these decisions regarding life or death for any living creature. Where does it stop? Perhaps some day, a particular type of human being might be deemed unnecessary, a nuisance, inconvenient, etc. Already certain dog breeds are felt to be "undesirable." Should they all be euthanized or sterilized? Will we have become so inured to doing away with the "offensive" living being that ending their life becomes the preferred solution? Humans have been given a reasoning, thinking brain. There are other more humane solutions to dealing with overpopulation. Killing is not one of them.

Thank goodness for this group of concerned citizens. It is really sad what happens to cats out on the street. These animals don't ask to be there. By and large, they are dumped pets who manage to survive and become feral. Yet they are constantly villanized and targeted for all sorts of abuse. They are fodder for every dogfighting ring, neighborhood psycho, demented gangs of kids, and Audubon-cat-hating nuts out there. Not to mention all the other hazards the poor creatures have to deal with. Compassionate people need to take a stand against cruelty, and it is good to see this group forming.

How about the Council euthanize the feral cat population.

How about the Council euthanize the feral cat population.