$1,000 Reward Offered For Information On Yonkers Cat Deaths

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A cat walks along Bretton Road in March. A $1,000 reward has been offered for information regarding the death of at least five cats in the area.
A cat walks along Bretton Road in March. A $1,000 reward has been offered for information regarding the death of at least five cats in the area. Photo Credit: Matt Bultman

YONKERS, N. Y. – A $1,000 reward has been offered as animal advocates and police continue to hunt for a suspected cat killer in northeast Yonkers.

The Animal Defenders of Westchester, working with the SPCA of Westchester, have offered up the money, nearly two months after the suspicious deaths of five feral cats and the apparent disappearance of as many as 10 more in the area near Bretton Road.

Kiley Blackman, founder of Animal Defenders, warned the culprit that they will be caught.

“How can you do something so cruel to a little animal who doesn’t harm anyone and walks around minding her own business?” she asked in a statement.

Authorities launched the investigation in March after two cats were found walking disoriented and uncoordinated.  The animals were taken to the Scarsdale animal hospital where they later died.

Days later, three more dead felines were found dead along Bretton Road. The cats were part of a colony of about 25 felines who have lived in the neighborhood for years. 

Ernest Lungaro, director of the Humane Law Enforcement Division at the SPCA, said authorities began to suspect they had been deliberately fed rat poison after rabies tests came back negative and a necropsy performed on one of the cats showed the animal’s organs were not damaged.

“We can’t say for sure but it’s a real possibility,” Lungaro said at the time.

Anyone with information has been asked to call the SPCA's confidential hotline at 914-941-7797. In order to be eligible for the reward, the witness’ sworn statement must lead to an arrest.

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People used to poison cats in the 1950's and 1960's. It was horrible when your (1) cat went missing. But it is also a nuisance when there are cats everywhere because IRRESPONSIBLE HUMANS do not spay/neuter their pets and let them run free to stink up, dig up and take over other neighbors yards. My yard started to smell like my neighbors five cats and it makes my doggie crazed and causes him to bark like mad (a nuisance in itself). He knows they are around - I have spent much $$ on havahart pellets to spread around my home perimeter. I am retired and I wish I could spend that $$ on myself. You people that allow your cats to breed like rats are the cause for inhumanity towards animals. I have read that in California Pit Bulls have killed joggers in an area where presumably HUMANS have dumped unwanted dogs and especially Pits that have formed a pack of killer dogs. YO has it's share of killer dogs as well THANKS TO IDIOT HUMANS. I suggest going after the humans with bear traps and I WON'T SHED A TEAR. Except I like my neighbor, she loves her cats and they are beautiful creatures... I could not set a trap for her or her cats. I just deal the best I can and deplete my extra spending $$ on repellents that won't harm animals. HOWEVER, do you think the shelter could possibly find homes for all the strays? Do you think any of them are feral and carry rabies? OUR tax dollars go towards animal control which usually means SHOOTING the RABID AND OR EUTHANASIA BECAUSE WE CANNOT ALWAYS FIND HOMES FOR THESE ANIMALS. AND YES, RABIES is a THREAT... So now? CAT PEOPLE? DEAL WITH YOUR OWN AND SMARTEN UP! BECAUSE Some idiot WILL TAKE MATTERS INTO THEIR OWN HANDS, HORRIBLY SO.