Where Is This In Yonkers?

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We found this in Yonkers. Do you know where?
We found this in Yonkers. Do you know where? Photo Credit: Matt Bultman

YONKERS, N.Y. — Residents of Yonkers, are you up for a challenge? Can you tell us where in the city this photo was taken?

Every Saturday, The Yonkers Daily Voice will post a photo of an architectural feature or object found in the city. You have one week to figure out the name of the building, street or landmark where we took the photo.

Points will be awarded to the first person to give the correct answer. We'll keep a list of our attentive readers. Post your answers in the comments section below or on The Yonkers Daily Voice's Facebook or Twitter page.

Last week's challenge solved: The picture was taken at the Polish Community Center. We awarded one point to Tom Wasiczko for being first to correctly identify the picture.

The "Where in Yonkers?" leader scoreboard:

Tom Wasiczko – 11 points
John Spencer – 7 points
Laurence Frumkies – 1 point
Barbara Ricci – 1 point
Peter Harris – 1 point
Bob Tichenor – 1 point
Eddie Corbett – 1 point
Nicolette Swanson – 1 point
Annie Talone – 1 point
captfjjm - 1 point
Gabagoo924 - 1 point
zaina.shleiwet - 1 point
Brian Campolo – 1 point
boc13 - 1 point
Len W - 1 point

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