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Happy Birthday To Yonkers’ Carlos Jaime Alazraqui

Carlos Jaime Alazraqui, turns 52 on Sunday.
Carlos Jaime Alazraqui, turns 52 on Sunday. Photo Credit:

YONKERS, N.Y. -- Happy Birthday to Yonkers’ Carlos Jaime Alazraqui!

Carlos Jaime Alazraqui, who was born in Yonkers, turns 52 on Sunday.

Alazraqui, a stand-up comedian, actor, singer, impressionist, voice artist, and comedian, possibly best known as Deputy James Garcia on Reno 911! , was born July 20, 1962.

His extensive voice-over work includes the role of Bobbi Fabulous on Phineas and Ferb , the chihuahua from the Taco Bell commercials, Denzel Q. Crocker and Juandissimo Magnifico on The Fairly Odd Parents! , Rocko and Spunky on Rocko's Modern Life , Lazlo and Clam in Camp Lazlo , and as Mr. Weed in Family Guy .

Alazraqui is known for his live-action work in the mockumentary series Reno 911! , in which he played Deputy James Garcia for five seasons (2003–2008). He played the same role in the series' spinoff film, Reno 911! Miami .

Alazraqui wrote and starred in The Last White Dishwasher , a short film, co-starring Tara Strong. In 2013, in the YouTube Yo Momma Jokes! channel and videos, he was the voice of Police Officer (Volume 1), Mexican guy and SpongeBob SquarePants.