Yonkers Offers Famers Market Coupons For Seniors

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YONKERS, N.Y. – The Yonkers Office for the Aging will distribute farmers market coupons to qualified city seniors beginning this week.

The coupons can be used at the farmers market located throughout the area, including at St. John’s Famers Market in downtown Yonkers and at the Ridge Hill Famers Market.

“We encourage our seniors to make use of this money-saving service that will entice our residents to get out and shop, contribute to our local farms, while enjoying the benefits of fresh, homegrown produce and products,” said Mayor Mike Spano in a statement.

Eligible applicants must be 60 years or older and currently must be receiving or qualified to receive Social Security, public assistance, food stamps, Section 8 housing subsidy or have a monthly income of $1,722 per month or less for a one-person household, $2,392 per month or less for a two-person household or $3,011 per month or less for a three-person household.

Coupons are available at the Office of the Aging at the Chema Center at 435 Riverdale Ave.from 10 a.m. to noon and 1-3 p.m. Mondays and Tuesday. Yonkers seniors must bring a photo ID and proof of age. There is a limited supply of coupons, allowing for one booklet per household.

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Comments (2)

i was told about this more than a week ago-so i walked over to the Chema Centre this past Monday -eager to get mine ( i am a vegetarian-i LIVE on fruits and veg. and i have often wished i could save a bit on fresh produce like the kind i have seen for sale in the courtyard of Saint Johns)-imagine my surprise and disappointment when i was told there were no more coupon books-and i would have to be on a "waiting list"-and further-that i would probably have to wait FIVE OR SIX WEEKS!!!!-this even though it was the first day the books were to be offered and i was there promptly at 11:00 am Monday morning-great-now -in the middle of the summer-with all the summer fruit at its peak-???? how could this be??? either there were very few coupon books made available-or there are a lot more vegetarian seniors in southwest Yonkers than i have met in my 71 years -the past 34 of them spent in this very neighbourhood-with only Top Tomato for my produce needs-i now must patiently await fall and the next harvest?? whats up Mayor Spano??? ( p.s-i didnt see anyone else looking for these fabled "coupons" !!!!humph